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ProductPharmaceutical FormActive ingredient(s)StrengthPacksizeSPC/PIL
ETOFLAM GelEtofenamate 5% w/w5%100GMore Info
DELTACORTRIL 2.5mgGastro-resistant tabletPrednisolone2.5mg30s/100sMore Info
DELTACORTRIL 5mgGastro-resistant tabletPrednisolone5mg30s/100sMore Info
SANDOMIGRAN SCT 0.5MG Film coated tabletPizotifen 0.5mg28s/50s/100sMore Info
SANDOMIGRAN SCT 1MG Film coated tabletPizotifen 1mg28s/50s/100sMore Info
SANDOMIGRAN SCT 1.5MG Film coated tabletPizotifen 1.5mg28s/50s/100sMore Info
VITAFENFilm-coated tabletAceclofenac100mg60More Info
ANSEREN 15MGHard capsulesKetazolam15mg30More Info
ANSEREN 30MG Hard capsulesKetazolam30mg15More Info
CYCLIZINE LACTATE Solution for injectionCyclizine lactate50MG/ML 5X1mlMore Info
VISKEN TAB 5MG TabletPindolol5mg90More Info
VISKEN TAB 15MG TabletPindolol15mg30More Info
OTOSPORIN Liquid ear dropsNeomycin sulphate 3,400IU,
Polymyxin sulphate 10,000IU
Hydrocortisone 1% w/v
Neomycin sulphate 3,400IU,
Polymyxin sulphate 10,000IU
Hydrocortisone 1% w/v
10mlMore Info
FAMVIR 125MG Film-coated tabletFamciclovir125mg10More Info
FAMVIR 250MG Film-coated tabletFamciclovir250mg15More Info
FAMVIR 500MG Film-coated tabletFamciclovir500mg21More Info
HYOSCINE INJECTION Solution for injectionHyoscine 400MCG/ML5/10 X 1mlMore Info
PARVOLEXConcentration for solution for infusionAcetylcysteine200MG/ML5/10 X 10mlMore Info
PREDNESOL 5MGTabletPrednisolone5mg20s/30sMore Info
PREDNESOL 1MGTabletPrednisolone1mg100sMore Info
WARTICON CREAM CreamPodophyllotoxin0.15%5GMore Info
WARTEC SOLUTION Topical SolutionPodophyllotoxin0.5%W/V 3MLMore Info
ASCORBIC ACID INJECTION Solution for injectionAscorbic acid500MG/ML10 X 5mlMore Info
GLYVENOL Soft capsulesTribenoside400mg50More Info
OLCADIL TabletCloxazolam2mg20 & 60More Info
SOLPADOL EFFERVESCENTEffervescent tabletParacetamol 500mg
Codeine 30mg
500 mg/30 mg 100More Info
SOLPADOL CAPLETSTabletParacetamol 500mg
Codeine 30mg
500 mg/30 mg 100More Info
Cinchocaine Hydrochloride
Framycetin sulfate
30G1 tubeMore Info
PROCTOSEDYL SUPPOSITORIESSuppositoryCinchocaine Hydrochloride
5mg12More Info
Zometa Powder and solvent for solution for injectionZoledronic acid4mg5ml/100mlMore Info